Marriage Memories in Pictures

Marriage Memories in PicturesWould you love to have very realistic and caught-at-the-right-moment images on your special day? In that case, Image Haus has a lot to offer and is very reliable.

Given below are the reasons as to why Image Haus is the best out there, for any kind of wedding photography that you might require.

Why customers choose Image Haus over others?

Image Haus has a very ingenious approach, realistic and lively, when it comes to weddings. We make sure to capture every single moment of cheerfulness, love and moments of high spirit in a very beautiful, realistic and natural manner. Right from the beginning with the dressing to the dancing, from the food to the beautiful floral decoration, the images that we click will be ones you will cherish lifelong.

Image Haus has highly trained photographers. They also concentrate on fashion shooting, and have a modernised, attractive manner in the way of working and capturing those moments on your wedding day. The images that are captured have great beauty that can not only preserve the moment, but also the sentiments and give it that distinctive bridal feeling. Making you both feel like you’re on top of the world, Image Haus captures every moment of fun, love, and joyfulness on your very special day.

Image Haus makes use of modernised equipments and techniques when it comes to weddings. As such, they look for the exact moments, although capturing everything worthy along the way. Trying not to take too many photographs, or even if they do, there’s the touch of an editor’s look, so that they look very realistic and beautiful.

Weddings at any destination

Image Haus not only covers all of Australia, but also travel to any destination where you would prefer to have your wedding. Places like Croatia and Santorini are never too far away, even though operations primarily happen in Sydney. They also take pleasure in travelling to exotic destinations, where weddings can be very romantic.

Packages and Price

To make sure that every moment of your wedding day is recorded, Image Haus has special packages beginning at $4,500 for a full day shooting. There is also a full day video recording package, with the same qualities as the wedding photographs, which starts at $4,000.

Besides, all the wonderful memories can be brought together in a specially designed wedding album, having a hard cover, which is printed to your desired liking. This is delivered to your door step in the shortest time possible. Such wedding albums are priced at a reasonable rate of $1,900.

Apart from the above, Image Haus also trains young and talented photographers. A full day coverage with the promising photographers starts at $2,500.

At Image Haus, it is expected that you will not hesitate to go to them, for your very special moments to be captured in images and video. You can be assured that the picture quality will be of the highest definition and you’ll be more than pleased with the service.