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Moissanite Engagement Rings

Moissanite Engagement RingsMoissanite engagement rings have become very popular of late for use as engagement rings as well as for many other varying reasons and occasions. A moissanite is manufactured and looks like the diamond in terms of both brilliance and hardness. Many people including professional jewellers cannot tell the difference between a diamond ring and a moissanite using the naked eye. The moissanite engagement ring however costs much less than a diamond engagement ring and has become a good substitute for diamond rings especially for those who are tight on their budgets but still intending to create a lasting and memorable experience. Moissanite engagement rings also tend to be more durable and refractive, giving off more brilliance than the diamond.

Moissanite engagement rings however tend to be slightly greenish grey especially under bright sunlight. Some people also feel that since it is cheap and not as valuable as a diamond, it does not fill the space of an engagement ring properly. However the truth is that unless carefully studied, no one can ever know the difference. They even follow the diamond ring on the hardness scale and near colourless appearance. Clarity of the moissanite is also close to optimum unless checked under magnification where small variations can be seen. Manufacturers are also able to cut the moissanite into several different shapes and as per the customer’s specifications. One of the very important things for a person to consider before settling on a moissanite engagement ring is to know their fianc├ęs preference; some may be okay and love it while others would rather stick to the traditional diamond.

Cushion Moissanite Engagement RingsMoissanite engagement rings are available in larger sizes than you can get or even afford a diamond ring. They also vary in terms of classic to antiques and it is very easy for one to find their perfect and exact fit both in terms of cost and other specific preferences. They are very classic as well as stylish. You will be able to share how you feel and set a romantic standard using the eye catching, head turning moissanite engagement rings. A bigger sparkle is achieved by the moissanite as compared to the diamond thereby favourable for some people. With features very close to the diamond, including hardness and brilliance, plus advantages such as ability to fashion it to many varying styles, the moissanite engagement ring can be designed to fit any individual tastes and preferences.

In conclusion, given the various similarities and differences between moissanites and diamonds, it is clear that moissanite rings have many advantages when used as engagement rings, there are also available in many varying cuts, designs, clarity, hardness, resistance to breakage and impacts, not forgetting their reasonable and affordable cost. Moissanites are also available widely and one should check out online stores in order to get the best deals available, customer review will also play a huge role in advising one on the best deal available. It is clear that they have given diamond rings a run for their money and fair competition. You might end up thoroughly impressed and wondering why people still buy diamond rings where moissanite engagement rings are available and more effective.